Consultants, advisers, auditors, legal and judicial

Gained experience over more than 30 years of activity.


Personalized service.
Highest possible quality.
Constructive approach.
Ongoing advice.

  • Audit of individual and consolidated financial statements.
  • Other audit work.
    - Limited reviews.
    - Partial audits.
    - Agreed procedures.
    - Design and implementation of internal control systems.
    - Operational Audits.
    - Audit programmes and grants.
    - Due dilligence.
    - Derived work of mandates which have been originated by judicial proceedings.
    - Special Reports.
    - Proceedings reports ( ECOEMBES ).
  • Gaurve Auditors is registered in the Registry of Economic Auditors of Spain, under the number 169 and the Official Registry of Accounting Auditors of Spain under the number 300.